Tuesday, October 7, 2008

my day

Well it was a great day. Than i got home and a box i had packed away had got wet and guess what it was a box of recipes so i have a bunch of papers spread out to dry now i'll have to recopy them boo. Thank goodness the wind is not blowing i've got some of them spread out on the porch. Well i'll tell you'll about myself i like cookbooks (I like to cook)haha .I have horses. Dogs Cats That is plenty. My dog is a Siberian husky.She has the most beautiful eyes.So loving. H(the other half) has 2 pugs one is about 17 years old the other one is around 13. then h and our son j has a Alaskan Spitz. then j has 2 poodles. j gets a lot of teasing about his poodles since j is 6 ft tall about 180 his friends all give him heck.one of my horses is 28 years old one is 18 the other one is 2 1/2.guess i'll go cook supper. everone have a good evening


Gator World!! said...

Yeah for Lydia! Good job on your first post!!!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am wondering if you got all of the recipes dried out?!?!?!